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Craigslist Kansas City

craigslist kansas city couple looking to buy their teenage son a auto listed on Craigslist, also burgled them of$,000, police say.

The 53- time-old father suffered four injuries to his casket, stomach and legs when he tried to shield his woman
after two men pulled ordnance about 730p.m. Wednesday. One pellet shattered his 55- time-old woman
‘s upper-right arm, KCTV reported.

Their 16- time-old son witnessed the attack but as not hurt. The family wasn’t linked.

Police said that after the father and son finished test driving a 2007 Hyundai Sonata with a third suspect, the markswomen appeared and demanded plutocrat. They opened fire when the father stepped in front of his woman, also seized her bag and fled. Police latterly set up the abandoned Hyundai and bag, minus the cash.
Some news accounts said the stealers stole the family’s vehicle, which wasn’t linked.

Police say the firing may be connected to an fortified thievery hours earlier of a man answering a craigslist kansas city announcement for an Xbox, the Kansas City Starr ported.
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