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My coworker Jaclyn Cosgrove bandied peacocks last month. But I heard about Craigslist Los Angeles an astounding incident that graces another visit to the subject A Humboldt County occupant says a peacock that visited her neighborhood over the last six times was set up dead lately after a Craigslist Los Angeles post called for the payoff of the raspberry.

 Melissa Glass told me about the peacock who was known as ASMR. P, or Azul — first came into her life on her birthday times agone

 . “ He showed up out of the blue one day, ” she says. “ He’s just been part of our life ” ever ago.

The peacock would spend a lot of time at Glass ’ home in McKinleyville’s Azalea Heights neighborhood because she owns cravens and he liked being around other catcalls.

 He was appreciated by numerous in the community. Glass says people would bring their kiddies to see him and take prints.

“ He drops his feathers every fall. So I have an amazing stock of feathers I’d give to the kiddies, ” she says. “ Indeed the UPS guys would stop and take filmland. ” She also lately discovered he was getting eyefuls and French chuck

 from neighbors “ He was working the scene. He knew he was fascinating. ”

 also, everything changed.

 Glass says a “ visibly worried ” neighbor knocked on her door on June 30 and told her the peacock was dead. Her hubby went into a neighbor’s yard to recoup the bloody body and he saw what he believed was a projectile crack.

 “ It’s really sad because he presumably suffered for at least two or three hours before he failed, conceivably more, ” Glass said.

 exchanges with neighbors and digital sleuthing revealed an online post that was made weeks agone

 . “ One of the neighbor’s daughters had recalled seeing a Craigslist Los Angeles announcement in hunt of a peacock homicide, ” Glass says. The son took screenshots of the advertisement, which Glass viewed and was first reported by Lost Coast Outpost.

Glass says she suspects the person behind the post is someone the couple had a falling out with.

 Peacocks aren’t defended by California Fish and Game laws, and the agency said the incident doesn’t meet the criteria of a coddling incident. But a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office prophet said deputies are probing.

“An implicit suspect has been linked by deputies and a hunt leave was served at a hearthstone on Hewitt Road about the disquisition, ” the prophet said in a statement. “ No apprehensions have been made at this time. The crimes presently being delved into are beast atrocity and conspiracy to commit a crime. “

 still, I would be worried and angry, “ If it was some old crackbrain in the elderly demesne with a gun. But this feels so much more particular because of the previous history, you know? ” Glass said.

 Then’s further information about the state’s history with peacocks.

 And now, then’s what’s passing across California

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 Ordnance in California

California saw a record increase in the trade of handguns last time, and the number of long-gun purchases was more advanced than it has been in four times, according to data from the state attorney general.

 Nearly1.17 million new arms were registered in the state in 2020, with handgun deals up65.5 from the time before. The number of long-gun purchases jumped45.9 from 2019.

Statewide, there were 202 homicides reported in 2020, according to a separate report from the state’s Department of Justice. StateAtty.Gen. Rob Bonta said the vast maturity of the homicides involved ordnance.

 “ While violent crime rates are still well below their literal highs in the early ‘ 90s, the increases we ’ve seen during this epidemic are inferior, ” Bonta said. “ In California and across the country, gun violence, in particular, continues to be a uniquely American health extremity. ” Los Angeles Times


 Members of an MS- 13 crowd in Craigslist Los Angeles turned an abandoned structure into a place to sleep, party, and hawk medicines. The structure, in the gang’s parlance, had come into a “ destroyer. ” It was also a place to kill. Three people were taken within its blighted apartments in 2017 and 2018, and LAPD officers witnessed a hail last month. There’s no count of how numerous destroyers pockmark the megacity on a given day. Several have been set up in the Los Angeles neighborhoods that MS- 13 considers its turf where the churn of gentrification and neglect from absentee possessors give rise to a crop of structures abandoned or marked for obliteration. Los Angeles Times

 A new essay explores how the formerly-great Craigslist Los Angeles indispensable press generated dynamic reporting. The reduction of the original press has meant less government and commercial responsibility, Danny Feingold writes. But that’s not all “ The decline of the indispensable press in the nation’s second-largest megacity has exacted a high price, depriving Angelenos of news, narratives, and analysis frequently missing in the mainstream media. ” Capital and Main

 By now you have presumably heard ESPN journalist Rachel Nichols ’ comments on a private phone call about losing an occasion to Maria Taylor, a Black coworker. Nichols is white. It’s worth noting that one person on the call was Adam Mendelsohn, an counsel to Lakers stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis. “ I’m exhausted. Between#MeToo and Black Lives Matter, I got nothing left. ” Nichols told CNBC “ I made a stupid, careless comment embedded in honor and I’m unfeignedly sorry. ” ESPN blazoned Tuesday that Malika Andrews, not Nichols, will serve as the sideline journalist for this time’s NBA Tests. CNBC

 Chris Brown, a name lineman from USC and Loyola High, failed last month at the age of 24. In a new profile, Times USC beat pen Ryan Kartje explains how after Brown’s football career, he landed a marketable real estate job and sought out a career in music. “ He poured his redundant time into music, jotting down lyrics in journals, ” Kartje writes. “ His musketeers find the journals. It’s a happy discovery. Flipping through the runners feels like a window into Chris they’d no way see ahead. ” Los Angeles Times

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