Who is Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde?

Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde who was also a World Health Organization( WHO) adviser and UNICEF( United Nations Children’s Fund) representative — was driven by a vision to help Latinas secure their education to help themselves and serve their community.

She was an active member of the American Nurse Association( Corpus) and was inspired to launch the NAHN in 1975, with enterprises that the Corpus wasn’t meeting the requirements of Latino nurses.
According to the New York Academy of Medicine, Dr. ildaura murillo-rohde preliminarily said” I saw that I was the only Hispanic nanny who was going to Washington(D.C.) to work with the civil government, review exploration and education subventions, etc. There was nothing differently. I looked behind me and allowed
‘ Where are my people?'”

Born in Panama on September 6, 1920, Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde came to the U.S. in 1945, starting her nursing career in San Antonio in Texas, a megacity with a largely Hispanic population.

She latterly opened the first psychiatric division at Elmhurst General Hospital in the New York City city of Queens. In 1971, she was the first Hispanic nanny to earn a PhD from New York University.

An expert on psychotherapy, marriage, and family remedy, dr. ildaura murillo-rohde served in several academic and exploration places, including as faculty and as a professor and latterly as the Dean of Nursing at State University of New York( SUNY) in New York City’s Brooklyn city. She was also the Dean and Professor Emeritus of SUNY’s academy of Nursing.
Murillo-Rohde also earned a fellowship from the American Academy of Nursing, one of the loftiest nursing honors.

Her global work included an appointment as WHO’s psychiatric adviser to the Guatemalan government, through which she established a airman program to train labor force in psychiatric care. dr. ildaura murillo-rohde also served as a endless UN Representative to UNICEF for the International Federation of Business and Professional Women.

The pioneering nanny passed away in 2010 in Panama at the age of 89.

Founding of NAHN

Hispanic nanny members of the American Nurses Association( Corpus), includingDr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde, originally met during the Corpus Convention in Atlantic City in 1974 with the intent to establish a Hispanic nursers Caucus to more meet the requirements of Hispanic nursers within the Corpus, but were rejected by the leadership at that time. By the following conference in San Francisco in 1976, it was decided to produce their own National Association of Spanish- Speaking Spanish- Surnamed nursers( NASSSN) withDr. Murillo-Rohde serving as first chairman and incorporating the NASSSN. In 1979 their name was changed to the National Association of Hispanic nursers and the association launched their bilingual professional peer reviewed publication, Hispanic Health Care International, in 2002.
Dr Ildaura Murillo-Rohde is the amazing Panamanian- American nurture who erected up the National Affiliation of Hispanic Medical attendants( NAHN).

She didn’t fair care for the Hispanic communities but participated her aptitude with others, making them set to bear care of themselves and others as well. She specialized in psychiatric nursing and had a degree in instructing psychiatric nursing.

She got her doctorate from Modern York University. September 15 marks the starting of National Hispanic Legacy Month. Google demurred off the month by and devoted its Doodle to leading nurture and schoolteacher

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