Greatandhra Review

greatandhra REVIEW

greatandhra: A story about martial trades, dreams, and star- crossed suckers. Liger is an MMA fighter who trains hard and rises up the species with one thing in mind, to fight like his hero, world- famed MMA fighter Mark Anderson and greatandhra get noticed by him.

Liger Cast
Vijay Deverakonda, Ananya Panday, Ramya Krishna, Ronit Roy, greatandhra

Liger Director


Conditions2/5 point India Today
Liger also joins the long list of flicks that condemn women for men getting distracted. The film makes us question if the platoon spent ample time writing the script. However, Charmed Kaur and Karan Johari had set away greatandhra half of the time and plutocrat for the script rather of the elevations, Liger could have been a much better film, If only Pura Jagannathan. If only.

Conditions2.5/ 5 point 123Telugu
On the whole, liger doesn’t live up to the hype created. A wafer-thin plot, Vijay’s stammering act, and rushed greatandhra proceedings are introductory downsides. But there are a many good mass moments and Vijay’s metamorphosis which will be loved by the B and C center followership making this film a rigorously passable watch. All we suggest you is to go in with smaller prospects.

Conditions2.5/ 5 point Telugu360
‘ Liger ‘ is a missed occasion. Vijay Devarakonda did all the hard work, and his screen presence and performance are veritably good. Director Puri Jagan has inadequately executed the script and failed to put up engaging scenes. Vijay suckers and mass film suckers can try this film!

Conditions2.5/ 5 point Sakshi
Vijay Deverakonda’s performance in Liger makes it a good watch despite the routine drama of mama sentiment. The mama and son scenes are worth watching. Editing, script, and music aren’t over to the mark. Verdict Liger is predictable and lacks a tight script

Conditions2/5 point GreatAndhra
Overall, “ Liger ” neither delivers a knockout punch nor does it offer thundering moments. It only proves that Puri Jagannadh is yet to come to greatandhra his old form despite delivering ‘ iSmart Shakar ’ lately.

Ratings1/ 5 point Indian Express
Do n’t get me wrong. There’s nothing further enjoyable than a masala movie done right. But there’s nothing new or fresh about the constituents that go into the timber of this film mixed martial trades, snarling prizefighters, greatandhra tough- as- nail coaches, and the idol who’ll pulp everyone single- handedly has been around of times. The plot, filled with all kinds of fantastic situations, is tired; the treatment is bored. The poking- fun- at- the- joe who stutters is downright distasteful

Ratings1.5/ 5 point News18
Liger was targeted to be this crossbreed cinema that was mugged contemporaneously greatAndhra in Telugu and Hindi. Aimed as the first pan-Indian film, Vijay Devera konda surely misses the punch. At 140 twinkles, Liger seems so long that by the end, I started feeling why did I get into this ‘ Aafat. ’

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