Hyperx cloud 2/cloud ii review

Hyperx cloud 2/cloud ii

The Kingston Hyperx cloud 2/cloud ii is a gaming headset with a brushed aluminum frame, accentuation stitching and overall emotional figure quality. The Cloud II it’s presumably the most professional looking headset in this roundup. Fortunately, it also has the audio quality to back it up.
The Kingston HyperX Cloud II is a gaming headset with a brushed aluminum frame, accentuation stitching and overall emotional figure quality. The Cloud II it’s presumably the most professional looking headset in this roundup. Fortunately, it also has the audio quality to back it up.
Before we go into the finer details regarding this headset, let’s take a brief look at what it has to offer in terms of specifications.
Inside the Hyperx cloud 2/cloud ii pall II box, we see

HyperX pall II Headset
USB Headset appendage
Airline appendage
Carry Case
stoner Homemade
Welcome Note


Great figure quality
Good comfort situations featuring memory froth
Multi-platform use
Design that suits both gaming andnon-gaming backgrounds
Divisible microphone
Good sound quality for competitive gaming


lower than asked bass situations
compass sound is a little gimmicky


Thankfully, the setup process that comes hand- in- hand with the Hyperx cloud 2/cloud ii pall II gaming headset is a fairly simple one. I mean, it’s enough much plug- and- play for the utmost part.
Once unpackaged, you ’ll find the “ Advanced Audio Control box ” independently packaged. You can use the HyperX pall II as a standalone headset by simply plugging the audio jack in the computer. Alternately, if you want to use this as a gaming headset you ’ll have to plug the mic into the jack on the left earcup, also plug the audio jack into the regulator.
The regulator links to the PC via USB and should be honored enough much straight down. You have several settings to alter on the regulator, but we ’ll get into that latterly.


From a design point of view, I actually suppose the HyperX Cloud II’s look enough damn good – nearly every day good. They’ve a swish design that’s accentuated by a combination of sutured fabric, polished essence, and soft faux leather. The earcups sit inside two aluminum spoons that have been finished with a brushed style that really sets this headset off. The same brushed finished can be set up on the outside of the earcup, girdled by what feels like decent plastic. The earcup padding has been finished using a dummy leather that feels extremely soft and pliable – great for long gaming sessions. The earcup is connected to the chopstick by a simple plastic connector – held in place by a couple of small screws. For me, this is the weakest part of the headset and could lead to complications down the road. Having said that, after a time of operation, they still feel enough solid.
The headband provides further style thanks to the stitching that runs across both sides of the headband itself. Our interpretation, the each-black color theme, comes with white stitching that contrasts nicely with the dark color theme set up across the rest of the headset. dummy leather covers the wholeness of the headband, with some fairly cheap padding on the underpart. The HyperX branding has been sutured across the top of the headband and on both earcups in quite an egregious fashion. And indeed though the branding is relatively loud, I do n’t suppose it takes anything down from the design itself. They still look enough smart.

The microphone does n’t really offer anything in terms of aesthetic appeal, neither does the thick pleated string coming out of the left earcup. Overall, I feel the HyperX pall II headset looks really relatively nice. I mean, it surely looks a lot further decoration than other headsets of this price point. A greatstart.Build Quality
I was extremely surprised by the figure quality that this sub$ 100 headset brought to the table – and for a many reasons too. originally, let’s be honest, HyperX are n’t extremely well known for the figure quality of their products. A lot of them fall into the budget order – a price point where make quality is generally offered for features or design aesthetic.

Having said that, I was veritably happy( and still am) with the figure quality of this headset. Now, for environment, I ’ve been using this headset at home for nearly a time, and since using this headset, I ’ve seen nearly zero declination in the quality of the accoutrements . generally, with a headset, the first thing to go is the earcup filling – in this case, the dummy leather. On this particular headset however, which gets used between 5- 8 hours a day( occasionally longer) there are no visible signs of growing whatsoever. Literally nothing – I was extremely surprised.
The joints feel enough much exactly how they did when we entered them, and so does the flexible mic – still holding utmost of its severity. So, overall, veritably good in the figure quality department. HyperX has used simple screw fittings throughout this headset too, meaning if you do start to feel corridor of the headset getting loose, you can simply strain the headset where necessary.


Comfort has been a little megahit and miss for me tête-à-tête, but nothing so bad that I would discourage people from buying this headset.

The HyperX pall II headset comes with two over the observance earcups lined with dummy leather that feels both soft and durable. Outside, the earcups have an acceptable subcaste of memory froth padding that provides enough comfort for long gaming sessions and everyday use. Having said that, whilst the padding in these earcups does give good situations of comfort, I still feel the quality of the memory froth used in the Cloud II falls short of what you ’d anticipate. So, just keep that in mind.

The headband on the Cloud II also offers another subcaste of froth padding on the underpart, but this is nowhere near as comfortable as the earcups. The padding then feels a little empty – if you know what I mean. When pressed, the padding takes relatively some time to expand to its normal shape and form which is generally a sign of poor accoutrements used.

Like utmost of moment’s headsets, the Cloud IIs offer an malleable headband that can be acclimated by around seven “ clicks ” which equates to around 40 mm. That makes this headset perfect for enough much the entire diapason of head sizes. likewise, HyperX have designed this headset in such a way that it does n’t apply too important pressure on the head over long ages of time – making long gaming sessions all the more pleasurable.

Overall, I ’d give the HyperX pall II a6.5/ 10 when it comes to comfort – substantially down to the accoutrements used in the earcups and headband. Having said that, they ’re far from the worst I ’ve ever seen. So not bad.


Now, when we ’re talking about a headset’s performance, eventually, we ’re talking about the sound quality it provides. This is the number one factor that comes into play when buying a headset – whether its a high- end gaming headset or a budget brace for harkening to music. So, making sure it performs to the loftiest standard is absolutely pivotal.

My original print upon using this headset was “ Wow, these are loud ”. They feel to be much more violent than other headsets I ’ve tried in the history. Once acclimated duly, still, I was actually veritably impressed with the sound quality this headset handed.

Nethermost line

So, the nethermost line is this. However, good figure quality, cool features, If you have around a hundred bones
to spend and need a decent headset that offers great comfort. The HyperX pall II gaming headset provides exactly what you ’re looking for.

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