Lululemon fanny pack review

This lululemon fanny pack Review is note patronized and was written grounded on my honest opinion as a busy mama working on streamlining her wardrobe!

I do n’t know about you but I Forecast carrying a bag some days.
Between the kiddies, groceries, and other errands I ’m constantly lululemon fanny pack running, I just don’t like the added weight of a bag on my shoulder.

This far and wide Belt Bag review includes

confines and volume
What it holds( with filmland!)
Where to get it used
How to wear a belt bag
How to acclimate this fanny pack
Where it’s made
How to wash it
Two closest far and wide Belt Bag dupes

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Lululemon far and wide Belt Bag Review What It Holds Why You Need It

Short passages and the bare minimum for the palm!

This fanny pack is perfect for my style and I was actually surprised how important I could fit into it.

I actually used it as a lululemon fanny pack bag moment and can’t stay to show you every
Hing I got outside.

It was amazing and everything I demanded on the go.

First prints of this Lulu Fanny Pack

First out, I’m OBSESSED with this color – it’s so happy and womanlike!

But as for the bag itself, WOW is it light!

According to my kitchen scale, it weighs just6.5 ounces – that’s about as important as a box of 12 K- Mugs( seriously go lift it up if you ’ve got one in your kitchen).

still, this is surely the right choice, If you prefer to carry a bag that feels like you ’re not wearing one at all.
Opening the main cube, I was also blown down by how important room there was and knew I ’d be suitable to fit at least a diaper or two plus wipes and my portmanteau outside.

Well, would n’t you know it!

Switching my baby wipes out from their “ sanctioned lululemon fanny pack” into a zip cinch bag lets me pack redundant light – I’ve 10 on hand.

The diapers then are Huggies size 3( for my 11 month old).

And my micro-wallet is enough to hold 10 cards, some cash, and bills.

I like to carry my phone and keys in my jacket fund so, get this – I indeed had room for two snacks for the girls!
Seriously, this bag is perfect for those of us who prefer to pack light while being prepared.

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How do you wear a Lululemon far and wide Belt Bag?

You can wear this fanny pack five ways

Cross-body front
Cross-body back
Bum bag
hipsters bag
Over your shoulder

Cross-Body Front

Wearing this bag across your casket lululemon fanny pack gives you easy access to all of your effects.

Need to pay for commodity? It’s there!

Want to give your sprat that snack you packed before? smash!

Cross-Body Back

This is my favored way to wear this bag.

I like how minimum the swatch feels across my casket and just pull up on the swatch lululemon fanny pack as if it were an escalator when I ’m ready for the delicacies I packed.

Bum Bag

It looks super cute this way and feels comfortable in the middle of your lower lululemon fanny pack reverse or to one side.

Hip Bag

Kind of like the frontal cross-body look, wearing this fanny pack the way it was intended lululemon fanny pack to be worn lets you have access to everything you need right down.

Over Your Shoulder

You can wear it like a bag too – if you really want to!

Is the far and wide Belt Bag Leakproof?
No, the far and wide Belt Bag is NOT Leakproof.

It’s Water- Repellent.

This means that you can wear it from your home to your vehicle in lululemon fanny pack a torrential rain without fussing about the effects inside getting wet!

But it’s not recommended for standing outdoors all day long in the rain like we tend to do then in the Vancouver film assiduity.

far and wide Belt Bag confines and Volume

The far and wide Belt Bag measures7.5 ″ x 2 ″ x 5 ″( 19 cm x5.5 cm x 13 cm) with a 1L volume.

What’s the far and wide Belt Bag Swatch length?

Completely extended, the swatch length of this fanny pack is35.75 ″ – I tête-à-tête couldn’t get mine to go any longer with the thick double circle between the adjuster and grasp.

The other lower clip- in section lululemon fanny pack measures1.5 ″.

How do I strain my Lululemon Fanny Pack?

I tête-à-tête set up the adaptation swatch on this bag relatively stiff!

But it can be done with LOTS of tolerance.

To strain your fanny pack

lift and push up the longest part of the swatch towards the plastic adaptation lululemon fanny pack piece so that it forms a circle
pull up on the circle as much as you ’d like to take in so that it sits in the middle of the adaptation piece
now, forcefully pull the swatch from the contrary side from the top section
weave the top part of the swatch( between the grasp and the adjusment piece) through the swatch connection piece of the grasp and pull to strain the swatch
pass on your bag and acclimate as demanded!

What’s the far and wide Belt Bag made of?

This Lulu fanny pack uses two accoutrements

The mesh and filling of the bag are both 100 polyester while the body is 100 nylon.

Where is the far and wide Belt Bag made?

The Lululemon far and wide Belt Bag is made in Vietnam.

How to wash far and wide Belt Bag?

Machine washing this fanny pack is NOT recommended.

rather, spot clean it with Dawn dishwashing liquid, gentle soap, or baby wipes!

I generally have WaterWipes in my bag anyway and use them to treat messes as they be.

Lululemon also advises the following

Do NOT bleach
Do NOT tumble try
Do NOT iron
Do NOT dry clean
Doing any of the over can affect in unrepairable damage to your bag!

Where to Buy a Used far and wide Belt Bag?

You can find gently used far and wide Belt Bags on

Facebook Marketplace
still, use my law NSLIVARICH to save$ 15 off your purchase!
If you subscribe up for Posh.

What’s the Stylish Belt Bag?

This Lululemon Belt Bag is surely my favorite!

I adore the minimum design and ensigns, micro but ample interior space, and back fund on this bag

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