Neon Colors Review

Neon Colors review

Don’t you just love products that can serve multiple purposes? I ’ve always wanted to try lip products that also work as blushers but I have not had the chance to until I saw this Neon Colors Pot Rouge at Innisfree. I guess I could have used any of my current powders but I really wanted to try one that was intended for serving both purposes. Enter Neon Color Pot Rouge.

Looking back, I suppose my biggest handicap at the time was deciding which color to get since they were each so vibrant, pigmented and just so infernal enough. It was really hard to choose just one but in the end, I decided to go with Fresh Orange. And I have not rued it one bit! I ’ve seriously started a love affair with all effects orange.
I ’m hysterical this review won’t be that helpful to numerous as there’s not a whole lot to talk about. component wise, there are two. One is listed on the packaging and the other They’re camellia oil painting and safflower oil painting. The former is said to be “ light but moisturizing ” and the ultimate Neon Colors is great for locking in humidity.
Innisfree Neon Color Pot Rouge doesn’t contain any shimmer and the colors are fully dull. Its delicate texture allows it to glide on easily and spread with great ease. I ’ve noticed that a many blotches of it on the apples of my cheeks gives them a nice flush of color. While I prefer using this as a blusher on utmost days, the color works well on both the lips and cheeks. However, I would say give Neon Pot Rouge a pass, If you ’re looking for a product to use on both your lips and cheeks. Although there are only four colors, I find all of the colors with the exception of Raspberry Red to be relatively enough. I ’m not a big addict of red still others may like it.

Ten’s the good
– pictorial, veritably pigmented
– delicate texture
– works well as a blusher
– affordable
– has a gooey scent

And the bad
– drying on the lips
These are priced at,000 won at Innisfree but prices may vary depending on where you look. However, recommend swathing the colors to see which bones
respects your skin the stylish, If you ’ve got an Innisfree around you. I had a really hard time choosing between the two pinks and this orange bone
but I ’m glad I got this bone
. The Neon Color Pot Rouge gives a nice flush to the cheeks but make sure you blend it out really well. tête-à-tête, I find that these perform better on my cheeks than they do on my lips since my lips are a bit on the dry side.

Questions & Answers

What’s the maximum number of uses this palette could be put to? Although I realize that it varies, is the average enough?
Using colors, the frequence of use, as well as the type of content determine how long it takes for your makeup to wear off. I’ve used the palette three times now on my face, I’ve used different colors three times and I still have quite a bit left in all the other colors. Please accept my justifications for my incapability to give further information.

It doesn’t count if the makeup is on top of the foundation? How can I apply it to my eyelids and do graphic eyeliner/ art since I always use foundation and greasepaint to set my face?
Set your makeup before going to bed and it should not beget any issues. During the day of the dead, I did a white zany base with doe eyes and doll cognizance.
When your makeup is made in China, how can you claim it’s atrocity-free? As a matter of law, all skin care products and makeup in China are tested on creatures.?
I appreciate you asking this question, Vanessa. In order to test our face paints, our supplier has assured us that no creatures will be used.

What’s the purpose of using water when oil?
Thanks for your question, yes, you have to apply the makeup with a little bit of water to your encounter or sponger

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