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Rachael Harris was born on 12 January 1968, in Worthington, Ohio USA, and is best known as an actress and funnyman, with her most notable workshop including ‘’ The Leftover ’’ and ‘’ Diary of a Wimpy Kid ’’.

So just how rich is Rachael Harris as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that Harris ’ net worth is as high as$ 2 million, accumulated from her over two decades-long career in the entertainment assiduity.

Rachael Harris Net Worth$ 2 Million

Rachael attended Worthington High School, and after matriculation enrolled into Otterbein College in 1989, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine trades in theatre. She originally performed on stage on Broadway, and also acted with the Los Angeles comedy troop, the Materialists. Harris made her TV debut in 1993 with the part of Rose in ‘’ Sea Quest 2032 ’’, also appeared in an occasion of ‘’ Star Trek Voyager ’’, and was a guest star in ‘’ Sister, Sister ’’ and ‘’ Love & Money ’’ in 1998 and 2000 independently.

Rachael was busy during the early andmid-2000s, continuing to make support appearances in TV series; in 2002, she played Julie in ‘’ musketeers ’’, and the same time worked on ‘’ The New Brad ’’, short comedy movie which entered substantially positive reviews and holds a score of seven point two out of ten stars on IMDB. In the coming time, she appeared in ‘’ The Lunchbox Chronicles ’’, an American television comedy movie, and farther TV appearances included in ‘’ The Sarah Silverman Program ’’ from 2007 until 2008, ‘’ hopeless Housewives ’’ in 2008, and in ‘’ True Jackson, VP ’’, a Nickelodeon family series in 2009. In the same time, she landed a supporting part in ‘’ The Hangover ’’ which entered substantially positive responses, a score of 79 on Rotten Tomatoes, and has been described as ‘’ the right tone of nasty humor, Andon-stop laughs ’’. From 2010 until 2011 she was a part of the ‘’ Funny or Die Presents ’’ cast, also landed a starring part in ‘’ Diary of a Wimpy Kid ’’ alongside Zachary Gordon and Devon Bostick.

In 2012, Harris starred in the short comedy movie entitled ‘’ Leader of the Pack ’’, made an appearance in four occurrences of ‘’ New Girl ’’, and handed voice recordings for ‘’ Wreck- It Ralph ’’, an animated comedy adventure. She joined the cast of the 2015 action comedy movie ‘’ slightly Lethal ’’, and played a minor part in ‘’ Freaks of Nature ’’, and the coming time, Harris played Aunt Pam in ‘’ Brother Nature ‘’, all adding steadily to her net worth.

As of the most recent history, Rachael has been acting in ‘’ Suits ’’ and ‘’ Lucifer ’’; her character, Sheila Sazs has appeared in 11 occurrences of ‘’ Suits ’’ through 2015. She has also handed the voice of Whitney in a TV show ‘’ Jeff & Some Aliens ’’.

In conclusion, Harris has made 120 movie and TV appearances so far, plus a number of stage appearances, which portrays the inflexibility of her gift, as appreciated by directors in all three kidney.

In her particular life, she has been married to violinist and captain Christian Hebel since 2015. She gave birth to their son, named Henry, in 2016 at the age of 48!

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