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Drink to Bleacher Report’s content and recap of WWE Raw on July 11.

With plutocrat in the Bank further than a week raw results in the history, WWE is officially concentrated on setting up the coming big event, which will be Summer Slam on July 30.

We formerly know the Undisputed WWE Championship will be on the line between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesner, and The Beast appeared this week to help hype the match.

Bobby Lashley will also defend theU.S. title against proposition, while The Uses defend the raw results Undisputed Label Team Crowns against The Street gains. Both feuds and much further were addressed on Monday’s show.

Let’s take a look at what happed on this week’s occasion of WWE Raw.

Opening Member and Rey Mysterious. Finn Balor

Raw opened with Lesner coming out to a warm hello. He thanked the crowd before raw results talking about his forthcoming match against Roman Reigns. It only took a couple of twinkles before Paul Heyman intruded.

This turned into a long exchange of lines and cuts before proposition made an appearance. He teased The Beast before Otis and Chad Gable came out to try to attack him for some reason. It ended with Lesnar putting Otis through the advertise table with an F- 5.

This presumably went on a bit longer than it demanded to, but seeing Lesnar pick up Otis like he counted as important as Gable was a delightful moment. Everything additional was kind of makeup- by- figures.

Grade C

The first match of the night saw Rey Mysterio take on Judgment Day’s Finn Balor. This was a raw results rematch after Rey scored a disqualification palm last week using Eddie Guerrero’s hand president trick.

Damian Priest gave a promo before the match trying to retain Dominik, but the youngish Mysterio didn’t look interested. We went to a break with Rey and Dom transferring Priest and Balor out of the ring.

The match was formerly taking place when we returned, so the live crowd got a many further twinkles raw results action than those watching at home. As anticipated, Rey and Balor had an amusing exchange, but there were times when it felt like they braked down further than demanded.

The Prince scored a fairly clean and decisive palm over Rey with the Coup de Grace.

Winner Finn Balor

Grade B-

Notable Moments and compliances

With Edge gone from the group and Rhea Ripley out with an injury, Judgment Day lost a raw results lot of brume snappily.
Priest mocking Rey for using notoriety differently tricks is kind of funny when you consider that everyone is just raw results using notoriety differently stuff at this point. Coming up with a move that has no way been done is nearly insolvable now.
The way Balor tripped Rey on the top turnbuckle looked brutal. Rey crashed to the mat hard but in a way that looked like he was still in control of the impact.
It’s always surprising when Rey does not get further air on his frog splashes.

Bianca Belairvs. Carmella( Raw Women’s Championship)

Before the match between Bianca Belair and Carmella took place, Becky Lynch made her way out to spectate from ringside and demand a shot at the winner of this bout at Summer Slam.

Belair picked Mella over and put her in the corner right down to establish her dominance. She slammed The Princess of Staten Island’s head into the advertise table right in front of Lynch as the show went to a break.

The match progressed as you would anticipate. Meela would get in a bit of offense, and also Belair would make a raw results comeback and establish her physical superiority again.

There were one or two awkward moments, but this match ended up being solid for the utmost raw results part. It was not a pay- per- view- position bout, but it was a good television match that allowed both women to show off their strengths.

A distraction from Big Time burns ended up leading to Belair being counted out, which means she lost the match but not the title. The EST ended by hitting Mella with theK.O.D. to pop the crowd.

Winner Carmella

Grade C

Notable Moments and compliances

Belair has the kind of energy that can wake a crowd over. It’s contagious.
Meela is actually relatively good at several effects, but the stuff she is not good at stands out and makes people judge her unfairly. She’s further talented than numerous are willing to admit.
The counter Carmella used for the K.O.D. was great.

The Mize and Ciampa’s. AJ Styles and Ezekiel

The Miz had Ciampa as his guest for” Miz TV” this week, but he slightly let Ciampa say two words. TheA-Lister spent utmost of his time talking about Logan Paul before AJ Styles came out to shoot both men retreating from the ring.

Ezekiel came out and ended up getting Styles’ mate for a label platoon match. We returned from a break to see Zeke and Ciampa formerly fighting. The former NXT champion brought The Miz in, but Ezekiel maintained control so he could tag Styles.

The heels dominated a large portion of the action until The Phenomenal One tagged in and went on a rage. The match ended with a DQ after Ciampa refused to stop attacking Styles while The Miz was the legal contender.

This was a fairly simple match. Everyone looked good, but there was nothing memorable about it. The DQ finish right after a count- eschewal is going to rub some people the wrong way.
Winners Styles and Zeke by DQ

Grade C

Notable Moments and compliances

Zeke has had the same gear since he debuted. He hasn’t had a single color variation or design change.
Ciampa has a way of hitting a running knee and making it look absolutely brutal without actually hurting his opponent. It’s emotional.
How does Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm impeccably every time? It should not be statistically possible to be that good.

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