Shakur Stevenson

Shakur Stevenson can see the finish line. He can see his thing in front of him, but the only handicap now is Jeremia Nakathila.

This Saturday from the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas, expiring star Shakur Stevenson(15-0/8 KOs) takes on Jeremia Nakathila(21-1/17 KOs) in a WBO interim inferior featherlight title fight.

Numerous suckers and pundits have Stevenson as a possible regular on the pound- for- pound stylish fighter list and, should he win on Saturday, he’ll have picked up his alternate title in alternate weight class indeed though it’s an interim title. The former featherweight world champion couldn’t allure any other champion to unify at 126 and now has moved up to land a big fight.

This fight is high threat for Shakur as his opponent is fairly unknown, but a palm would set up a big fight with Jamel Herring, the current WBO champion who last fought in April. Shakur has asked for big fights and tough fights and with Herring, he’d get that, but he must get once Nakathila first.

Shakur Stevenson vs. Jeremia Nakathila fighter advantages


The edge has to go to Nakathila because of the 17 knockouts in 21 triumphs, as Stevenson has eight knockouts in his 15 triumphs showing his edge over him. The only thing thus the position of competition for the two are extensively different so we really can’t say with confidence who hits harder.


Shakur Stevenson seems to have the edge in overall intangibles. He’s the more each- around blessed fighter and has a solid defense. Nakathila is further of a pressure fighter which could lead to some good counters from Stevenson and bodywork. In Shakur Stevenson’s most recent fight, he landed 64 body shots out of 151 landed. He was also only hit a aggregate of 48 times at a nine- percent clip. That shows the protective skill he possesses. Nakathila’s former bout was a third- round knockout. With the unknown then, it’s hard to ascertain a true advantage.


With everything on the line for Shakur Stevenson, I like the fighter’s chances and suppose we see a seventh-round cessation. Nakathila will bring a lot of pressure and try to go for a KO, but he’ll open himself up to the counter shots and body work, which gives Shakur the openings to get the stop page. However, he’ll get the bigger fights he asks for and suckers will be happy to see him reach his thing, If he pulls it out.

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