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BOSTON( CBS)- Call the National Guard, because Shannon Sharpe Twitter Rob Gronkowski’s injuries are killing the Loyalists. So much so that three- time Super Bowl champion and current CBS Sports critic Shannon Sharpe thinks the platoon needs to bring in another bone
New England has come up short in recent times, incompletely because of their incapability to calculate on a healthy Gronkowski in the home stretch of the season, and given Tom Brady’s age they can not go to stay much longer.

” What the Loyalists really need to do is go out and get a tight end because Rob Gronkowski’s injuries are starting to mount. As you get aged you do not get healthier, and you saw the three forearm surgeries, the Shannon Sharpe Twitter reverse surgery, the ankle surgery and now he is having the knee surgery- so we do not know if he is ever going to be suitable to be that Rob Gronkowski a couple times ago when he’d the 18 touchdowns.”

still, Sharpe says that tight end isn’t the platoon’s only area of need on offense.
” They need an outside trouble. I do not know if you can win a Super Bowl throwing the ball in the middle of the field between the figures. They’ve no outside trouble. It’s hard to win games like that. When Tom was really Shannon Sharpe Twitter dynamic, winning MVP’s, he’d Randy Moss that can push the ball down the field.”
” As great as Tom Brady is he needs munitions.”

Although Sharpe gets a lot of flack from Loyalists suckers for his outside Shannon Sharpe Twitter review of the platoon, he has the utmost respect for the association- indeed if it does not come across that way.
Sharpe is each about the rings, which is why he’d have loved to play in Foxboro.

” Bill Belichick is surely one of the top three trainers of all time when you look at what he is done in New England. New England suckers always give me a hard time, I say,’ Look, you guys got great in 2001. Do not make it feel like Shannon Sharpe Twitter you got tradition and history like the Packers or the Steelers- it’s been 2001 moving forward.'”

” They’re the gold standard. I would have loved to have played for the association Shannon Sharpe Twitter because you know trainer Belichick is going to make sure he puts his platoon in the stylish position to win football games. That is all I want.”

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