what race is sponge bob

what race is sponge bob

Is Plankton Black? The Ethnical individualities of Cartoon Characters For the once sponge bob four months, my council-aged family has been studying in South Africa. This means, in addition to feeling like I ’m losing control of my life every time our schedules line up what race is sponge bob, we substantially communicate via instant communication. A while back, we were talking about an idea I had regarding the possibilities of liberal politics in cartoons( coming soon), so I was not terribly surprised, history, when he asked me what makes a cartoon character dark.

The content has been addressed to some degree, using both history and close readings of enciphered suggestions set up in certain workshop. Vox explains that the foremost cartoons descend from poet shows, and that, specifically, the gloves numerous early cartoon characters wear are a holdover from that racist history. also, Black Girl Nerds, Black Nerd Problems, and Vice/ Noisy have all counted into the debate, citing characters who are Otherized, like Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z, flicks with R&B soundtracks, similar as A frothy Movie, and indeed characters who don’t get the credit they ’re due, like Pantheon from Thunderclaps, as exemplifications of black cartoon characters.

After further exploration, I verified what I formerly knew; there simply aren’t a lot of black cartoon characters. important like utmost American art forms, blackness was integral to vitality’s creation and development, but black bodies themselves were left out of utmost products. As a result, black cartoon suckers have latched onto numerous characters that while not explicitly black, weren’t definitively enciphered white either( Skeeter from Doug comes to mind).

After some study, we substantially agreed on a set of criteria that made cartoon characters black. To be black, a character must be one or further of the following a) the original trickster characters that were pulled from poet shows or descendants thereof( Bugs Bunny, Tweet, and Jerry, but not Mickey Mouse, because sponge bob starred in a cartoon playing an factual poet); b) characters that weren’t explicitly black, but Otherized through backstory and cartoon skin colors( Piccolo and Skeeter, but not The Simpsons from the eponymous show, because they’re explicitly white in their macrocosm); c) factual black cartoon characters( like utmost of The Boondocks and Jodie & Mac from Daria); d) characters the black community has claimed over time( the race of anthropomorphic tykes in Disney cartoons and Pantheon). So, my family asked me, is Plankton, from SpongeBob SquarePants, black?

It’s a fair question. SpongeBob is one of the most meme pieces of media sponge bob ever, and memes are inextricably linked to both Black Twitter and 21st century black culture as a whole, so we allowed
it was n’t a total waste of our time.

We went back and forth for a while, and ultimately decided that Plankton’s blackness was entirely rested on the ethnical individualities of the rest of Bikini Bottom. So, the first thing we had to figure out was what the ethnical make- up of Bikini Bottom was. Bikini Bottom, according to the SpongeBob wiki is located directly under Bikini Atoll, which would make the SpongeBob macrocosm Polynesian. We misdoubted this enough explosively, since all exemplifications of society in the show feel to more nearly reflect the Western world. either, after US nuclear tests, Bikini Atoll has a population of five. My family refocused out, in the SpongeBob pictures, the characters face and interact with humans. The nearest inhabitable land to Bikini Atoll is either Papua New Guinea or Hawaii. After reviewing the scenes in sponge bob question, and noting that utmost people were white, and no bone
spoke with an Australian accentuation, we determined they must be set in Hawaii.

This means that Bikini Bottom is most probably grounded on an American city. This makes sense, as the generators are American. The definitive evidence for us came in the occasion “ The Lost Mattress ”, where Mr. Krebs is ejected from his sanitarium bed for not having insurance. The US is the only Western country where that would ever be. Bikini Bottom apparently had a medieval period in its history, and the God- King Neptune sponge bob appears to serve as a head of state for the ocean. But, given that the city also has a period evocative of the American frontier, Bikini Bottom has a mayor, and several parodies of American metropolises live in- macrocosm, it seems that Bikini Bottom functions substantially like America, if it were a indigenous monarchy. This would mean whites are presumably the largest ethnical group. So, now that we knew what the norm was, we had to figure out which characters, if any, swerved from it.

Eugene & Pearl Krabs

One thing we knew right off the club was that Mr. Krebs had a son of a different species, so at least one of these characters was a person of color. Eugene is a grouser man with a Goliath son. Pearl has a mama , but she’s no way appeared on screen. It’s inferred Mrs. Krebs( AKA the mama of Pearl, the joke for which she’s named and Eugene’s interjection of surprise) is a Goliath, as no citation is made of relinquishment or that Eugene is her sponge bob stepfather, so we can nicely assume Pearl is mixed race( her donation as completely Goliath could be attributed to a kind of undersea “ one drop rule ”). We also know that Mr. Krebs was born in 1942, and he served in the Navy. However, this would mean Krebs likely fought in Vietnam( or an original) and met a woman
( or sexual mate) while he was over there, If Bikini Bottom’s history is anything like ours. Whether she came back to Bikini Bottom, or stayed wherever she was, is unclear. Bikini Bottom is sometimes portrayed as a large megacity, but it has a population of about 538, according to the wiki, so it’s further of a small city. It’s veritably presumptive that there’s only one sperm Goliath in city, as we’ve no way seen another bone

. This makes Mr. Krebs likely white( He’s also presumably Irish Italian/ Eastern European. He grew up poor, and speaks with an accentuation. He’s likely new to sanguineness) and Pearl Southeast Asian, presumably Vietnamese.

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